Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adirondack Kids® Book

If you want your children to learn about life in the Adirondacks, let me introduce you to a series of books I was fortunate to have caught, from a Twitter feed today, and I wanted to pass it along to you. The Adirondack Kids website is filled with chapter overviews, lesson ideas for teachers, and information about the authors.

There's also a tweet about a  Brand new Adirondack Kids Vlog-episode 6 w/school librarian in Copenhangen.

Adirondack Kids® Book.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dr. Edwin Ketchledge, December 29, 1924 - June 30, 2010

The following quote comes via Edwin's obituary "The proverbial bottom line for me is the simple truth that a man is not in full command of life if he cannot at least one day each week go fishing in his canoe, or go cross-country skiing, or go exploring a new mountain," Ketchledge wrote in 1989 in his notes.

I certainly did not know Edwin Ketchledge, but from what I've read, from his recent passing is that he was instrumental in preserving the Adirondacks. And now that I am an Adirondack Park enthusiast, I truly appreciate his sentiment. R.I.P., Dr. Ketchledge.

For more in depth information on Edwin's life and accomplishments, please visit the Adirondack Almanack.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Got fish? Get a License

If you want to fish in NYS YOU MUST obtain a fishing license. Although youngsters, up until the age of 16 need not apply.  As was the case with my son who caught a whopper yesterday!  Take a look.

In the Adirondacks, there are several places available to you, should you want to go fishing. The Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce is where I registered for mine.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Amy Catches TWO Fish!

You'll have to watch the video to appreciate my exuberance right now. It's day 2 in the Adirondacks and I caught myself some fish - and - WE at 'em for dinner!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Cords in Blue"

I'm headed to Blue Mountain to stack more logs. My mom had 2-cords delivered a month ago and still they sit in front of the shed.
I need tips on how to make LOADING them into the shed, a little easier.

Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP...Dominic Hartley and Emily Lewis

I was saddened to read about the tragic deaths of British workers, Dominic Hartley and Emily Lewis, due to an alleged drunken driver, Peter Goldblatt of Indian Lake.

"A man has been charged with drunken driving and vehicular homicide after two British employees of an upstate New York summer camp were run down and killed." (AP reporting)

To think that these two young people were just starting their summer jobs at a camp, helping kids, only to be mowed over by a drunken driver is just senseless.

Butterflies in the Adirondacks

My daughter and her friend were learning first hand what it's like to study butterflies.

Welcome to the Adirondacks Blog

I've been traveling to the Adirondacks since my children were very little, and it's amazing how many jewels are tucked away in upstate New York. This blog will serve as a resource and will highlight the amazing world that the Adirondack region has to offer its visitors.